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inexplicably drawn to tall noses

like a disco
3 October
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Questa notte è stata scritta per noi
it has been written that to-night is our night

rikayla @ asianmoodthemes for the Jin and Kame mood themes
excessdreams for the Skandar mood theme
primary_target for the Taguchi mood theme
minty_peach for the base layout

akame always, all-in-one-family-love-of-my-life, art is my hustle, arthur/merlin boyfriends, bbc = perfect hubby, bradley's teeth, bump of chicken, colin is bradley's squishy, confidence in awful squawking, cosplaying johnnys, doctors are sexy, emo!merlin whyyy unf, fujimaru/otoya, impregnating tatsuya ueda, jin's hedonism lost, junno is ueda-sexual, kame is kittin, kame's stylist, kashii yu, kat-tun ruining my principles, koki needs better loving, longest-conversation-evers with wifeyionne, lots of greens, marrying taguchi junnosuke, maru needs a reality-check, nakamaru/kame ya rly, neil gaiman as god, olivia lufkin is schmex, people knowing brand new, prettyboys kissing(and more), prince hurrfurr, professor morgan, ryo is my brother, tagucheese x pundesal otp, terry pratchett, tori amos owning souls, uepi loves junjun, yui makesmecry so beautifully, yuichi saves the world